If I said to you, "Do you truly want your business to succeed?" I'm guessing almost everyone would say, "Of course!" Why is it, then, that so many entrepreneurs slog along day to day with little money, few clients and dim prospects for more? Perhaps the secret lies in what they allow themselves to believe is possible. Let's take a moment to look at whether your imagination is the culprit that's keeping your business stagnant.

To set the stage for success, sit down to pen and paper (or a computer keyboard) and describe in vivid detail where you'd like to be in thirty days. How many clients would you have? Would you have enough money for the bills? What would your relationships be like?

As you write your scenario, don't skimp on the details. Paint a picture of what would satisfy you, personally and professionally. This isn't the time to listen to that niggling voice telling you it isn't possible. This is your dream, and you can write whatever you want.

Now, stop and read your vision out loud. Do you notice feeling differently as you do? Most people, when given the chance to imagine a better future, feel an unfamiliar sense of freedom. Those anxious feelings borne of unpaid bills and relational stress fade away as they picture themselves becoming truly successful.

It's amazing how many areas of their lives seem manageable again, once they've allowed themselves to dream of success.

So, the question is, again, "Do you truly want your business to succeed?" Do you honestly want to be in a different place thirty days from now? Then the only question left is this: "What are you willing to do to get there?"

When I ask this question in seminars, I find that most people already know what they need to do. It's simply that they've become so mired in the muck of running a business, they've forgotten their original vision. They've become discouraged, locked into a mindset that things can never be better than they are right now.

And that's simply not true. I've seen the power having a vision can have in generating success. It's as though, once people stop and picture the way they'd like things to be, those things begin to happen. Once they've let go of the thought of being trapped in their present circumstances, they're free to engage all their skills and talents to find new clients and new success.

So, are you ready to succeed? If you are, you must …

Read and re-read the vision you just wrote and allow your imagination to run free.

Write down the ideas that come to you each time you read your dream of where you'd like to be thirty days from now.

If you already know what it takes to get there, I hope your renewed vision has inspired you to start doing those things consistently. If you aren't sure what steps to take next, it's time to get help with your marketing plan.

Your personal success is waiting! Whatever it takes to achieve that vision of success will be the best investment you ever make in your business.

2 Responses to “Picture Yourself Successful”

  • Hi Bernadette
    Thanks for sharing your precious insight in the mindset of our thoughts about what’s possible in our journey to the dreamlife we all are striving for.

    Thank again
    Peder Andersen

    PS thank for a good call with David last night.

  • Bernadette,
    What an incredibly well written post! I’ve been reading John Assaraf’s book “The Answer” and implementing tools like the one you’ve outlined above. The result has been amazing.

    Thanks for yet another simple exercise I can use to create the business (and life) of my dreams.

    Julie Anne Jones

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